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  • The funniest thing happened the other day.  I got summons for court duty!  First, I groaned.  Then, I said NEAT!  And soon after I realized that, with dementia, I couldn’t serve on a jury.  Ever hear the term MISTRIAL?  So, reluctantly, and with some humor, I wrote a note, included my social security notice of disability and sent it back.  Sigh…it would have been a great experience.


    But, having dementia may have some benefits…


    My husband and I went to a local hardware store.  In front was the cutest John Deere lawn tractor with a small trailer behind, about the size of a wheel barrel.

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    “Ewww…..I l-i-k-e that,” I said to my husband as I drooled over the cart.  “I could really use this when I work in the yard!”


    “We have one, Leah.  You used it last year and the year before,” my husband reminded me, patiently.


    “We do?  Wow!  Great!  I can hardly wait to use it!” I replied.


    There you have it, a lack of memory which allows the old to be made new every day…


    Again, my husband and I are at our favorite hardware store.  This time we are looking for stain for a plaque for our house numbers. 


    “This is a good stain.  We can use it for both the plaque and the mantel,” my husband said.


    “What mantel?” I asked.


    “The one we removed to refinish a couple of months ago, “ Bill answered.


    I had totally totally forgotten that we had removed the mantel!   I had put stuff back up on top of the brickwork…so I guess I never really missed having a mantel.


    Having dementia has its benefits, but they are very few.  I have few problems with my clothing being like new items to me.  I don’t let not remembering things like the lawn tractor trailer bother me.  It’s just something I have to deal with.  Having a wonderfully supportive family—husband, children, grandchildren, siblings—is the most important thing of all.  After all, without their understanding and support, my life would be far different and not anywhere near as happy.


    By the way, my last blog involved my making the decision to chair a committee for a volunteer organization.  After making my list, I came up with a way that I could chair HALF of it if the group can find someone else to chair the other half.  I found that my stamina wasn’t great enough to do it all.  I appreciate all the support and encouragement given me by my readers.  I will let you know how it goes in a couple of months.

Published On: March 20, 2009