The Problem with Glasses Is...

Leah Health Guide
  • I have a new problem now…now that I must wear glasses.  AND, I may have some solutions!  Let me explain by giving you a little history first.


    My first glasses came at the age of seven.  By the time I was twelve, my mother was fearful that I would go blind because my eyes just kept getting worse and worse until my glasses were the thickness of coke bottles.  My ophthalmologist assured her that I would not go blind from nearsightedness and that, someday in the future, there would be surgery to help correct it.  (I had a severe case of the Measles when I was five which doctors feels contributed to the severity of my eyesight.)  Fast forward almost forty years…

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    Ten years ago, my eye sight had gotten so bad and my glasses so thick that I couldn’t get enough light to see to grade my student’s papers or to read…I was afraid I’d have to retire early, when my ophthalmologist said that the Lasik surgery had been perfected enough for me to try it.  The surgeon cautioned me that the surgery had not really been done on people with eye sight as severe as mine and that the outcome was tentative at best.  I agreed that I could be happy continuing to wear glasses as long as the lenses were thin, so surgery was done.  The outcome was glorious!  I had 20/20 vision and no longer had to wear glasses!!!  For the first time in my life, I was not hiding behind my glasses.  My whole personality changed!  People admired my blue eyes for the first time in my life!  That lasted eight wonderful years.  During this past year, my eyes have worsened quickly, and I now have to wear glasses again.  Only this time, the lenses are thin, and I have an endless choice of frames from which to choose.  I can’t say that I am delighted to be back in glasses, but I am satisfied.  I am content.


    Only now, I have a new problem.  When I take off my glasses and put them down, I can’t tell MY glasses from any other glasses.  My husband has several pairs which also have wire rims, and I can’t tell his from mine.  I can’t tell mine from any of the reading glasses I have placed around the house.  And now, I have bought two more pairs (Sears had a great sale!) to add to the mix!  I am sure this must be a problem for others, too.


    My solutions:

    1. Put my first initial somewhere on the frame using a permanent marker—probably the right ear piece (since I am right handed, I can remember that).
    2. Put a small rubber band near the ear piece.
    3. Try to lay the glasses down in the same place all the time…impossible to say the least, but I can try.  Put away all the old glasses, or better yet, give them away if in good condition.
    4. Buy glasses that look different than my husband’s.  Get them in plastic frames with color.
    5. Use glass cases to protect the glasses, ones which “look” like me…girlie.  This way, I will know they are mine and not my husband’s. 


    I hope these suggestions are helpful.  Please let me know if you have any other suggestions to add!  God’s blessings to you all!


Published On: April 22, 2009