Life, A Bowl of Cherries?

Leah Health Guide
  • I love that quote:  “Life is just a bowl of cherries…”  It describes what I am going through right now—my life with its ups and downs.  We all have them.  It’s just knowing what to do with them that counts…


    I’m getting tired of having dementia.  I want it to go away.  I want to brush out the cobwebs in my mind.  I’m tired of playing brain games.  My mind is tired of struggling.  I want to fire up the neurons and sharpen the synapses…I want to live and think like a normal person.  Having dementia is no fun; it is a lot of work!


    There!  I think I am getting the grumps out of my system…

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    My blog is about the reality of living with dementia.  Though I am sometimes perky and try to be encouraging, there are times that I just get dragged out.  More things appear to be new to me now.  More information given to me is being lost.  And I do not like that. 


    My husband has once again shown me how to synchronize my telephone/Palm Pilot with Microsoft Outlook on my computer.  He says he has shown me several times.  All it involves is plugging in the cord to the two items—the computer and the phone—and pushing a button on the cord.  Sound simple enough.  I remember it for the moment…why couldn’t I remember something so simple after it was shown to me time and again?  I know the answer… my damaged brain!   Tomorrow, I probably won’t even remember he showed me how to synchronize the two…maybe not even in a couple of hours…


    It seems that I am not able to be very organized.  When I returned from our cottage, it took me days to get everything back to normal.  And then, we discover that more needs to be done.  Where is my Nintendo cable?  Why are all my glasses on my dresser and NOT in the car where they are meant to be? Did I leave my blood glucose monitor at the cottage? (Nope, this I found in an errant duffle bag in the family room…and it was filled with the clothes I had not been able to find that I have wanted to wear!)


    The list goes on and on.


    On the positive note, though, I am adjusting to my hearing aids and have found them to be, for the most part, delightful!  I don’t seem to have to struggle so much to hear which in turn seems to be giving me more energy.  Of course, the whole energy thing might be occurring because of my ridiculously high sugar levels in my blood.  Yes, I am working on bringing them down.  I need to work more closely with my doctor on this.  And, great news, I’ve lost five pounds!!!


    When I look at the whole picture, I can see that I can not view it in just black and white.  The bad and the good seem to intertwine so much that I have to think of it that way.  My memory is not so good right now.  Okay.  But I hear so much more!  My blood sugars are way too high.  Okay.  But I have more energy and have lost weight, so maybe a little more exercise will help!  It’s really all in how you look at life.



Published On: July 21, 2009