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Trish Vradenburg Health Guide
  • Recently we – my husband George and I – became media megastars.  Okay, maybe not quite megastars (since I noticed that Paparazzi were not chasing us down the street hoping for photos followed by hungry autograph seekers) and maybe it wasn’t in prime time, but it was close enough if you’re an online viewer. 


    The venue in question was a Washington Post Live forum on advancing medical innovation, and our segment was hosted by the incomparable journalist Mary Jordan. The day – which featured speakers including Francis Collins, Director, National Institutes of Health and my dear friend Meryl Comer, President of the Geoffrey Beene Foundation Alzheimer's Initiative – focused on discussions of science literacy and inventiveness in schools and incentives that help foster innovation.  For part of that time the focus was on Alzheimer’s, specifically recent innovations and what else needs to happen to help the growing number of people with the disease. 

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    George and I never turn down a chance to talk about this subject and, hopefully, encourage listeners to join our cause – stopping the unforgiving march of Alzheimer’s by 2020.  It is our passion and we won’t give up.


    There were several hundred people in the audience last week, and luckily it was livestreamed so that thousands more could watch.  We do this to try to convince others to join our Enraged and Engaged campaign. 


    But rather than writing about the event, we want you to see how the livestreaming worked that day.  Enjoy, contact us, and become a part of the movement.  We need you!


    View the full video of Trish's interview here


Published On: October 02, 2012