Uncle Al Zheimers's Summer Camp For Wayward Seniors

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  • Uncle Al:        "Welcome everyone!  Please board the bus for our trek to camp...and watch your steps."


    Uncle Al:        "Emily, you probably won't need to bring your frying pan, Honey.  We have lots of them at camp."


    Emily:             "My name is not Emily, it's Esmeralda and this is not a frying pan...it's my mirror."


    Uncle Al:        "Well, Esmeralda...guess what?  You can change your name every single day if you want to at Uncle Al's camp.  We like to be whomever we wake up to be that day.  That's a good mirror, and your reflection looks beautiful in every mirror, I'm sure."

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     "Okey Dokey...now that we're all here, we're going to sing some camp songs to pass the time."


    Samuel:         "Oh, Oh!  Can we please sing, I DID IT MY WAY?"


    Uncle Al:        "That's a perfect song to start with, Samuel."


    Samuel:         "My name is not Samuel, it's Fred."


    Uncle Al:        "I knew that...sorry, Fred."



    Uncle Al:        "Alrighty then, here we are at Uncle Al Zheimer's Summer Camp for Wayward Seniors.  Can anyone tell me what the word ‘wayward' means?"


    Shirley:          "I know!  I know!  It means that we tend to stray.  I love to stray.  I find life much more interesting when I stray.  Can we stray at camp?  And, you may call me Juliet."


    Uncle Al:        "Juliet, what a lovely name.  You can stray to your heart's content, my dear, and I promise that you'll make new and deeply beautiful memories as you walk in any direction you like.  You'll always have a friend who will want to stray with you, and they'll know the way back home, so you needn't worry."


    "Here are some of the other things you'll be able to enjoy at Uncle Als:


                Hand holding

                Hide and be sought

                The 24-hour sports channel on TV

                Dancing on a whim

                Giving each other makeovers

                Changing your name every day

                Pin the nametag on a stranger

                The lollygag relays

                Toe dipping in the creek

                Sing-a-longs to the songs you make up

                Finger painting the staff


    Bob:                "What the hell kind of place IS this?"


    Uncle Al:        "It's a place for you...somewhere, a place for you...a place to be and a place to love, a place to laugh and a place for fun."


    Bob:                "Thank you, Uncle Ben...thank you very much."


    Uncle Al:        "You are most welcome, Bob.  Now, let me show you to your cabins."


    Bob:                "My name is Ignatius."


    Uncle Al:        "Absolutely correct...please forgive me.  We'll end our day with a wonderful dinner and your first ‘disorientation' class.  See you later!"

Published On: May 02, 2008