Uncle Al Zheimer's Summer Camp... The Wayward Seniors Saga Continues

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  • Uncle Al:         Good morning campers!  As you do every day, please let us know what name you will go by on this day and we'll post it next to your photograph in the rec room.  In case you've forgotten it, you can ask us or go to the board.


    Bob:                I can never remember where the damn rec room IS.  Got any ideas on how I can find it?


    Uncle Al:         There are different colored stones that lead you where you need to go.  Anyone here can help you find out which ones are which.  And, if you can't find anyone, then you'll end up maybe not where you intended to go, but it really won't matter, will it?

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    Bob:                Not one whit, and I'll have fun doing whatever they're doing wherever I wind up.  I wish I'd known that about life a long time ago!


    Uncle Al:         Well, there you go!  Now, today's special activity is the Word Game.  We'll hold up an item and you will tell us what you think it is.  In this game, it doesn't matter what it is, we'll just have fun instead.


                            So, let's begin with this item (Uncle Al holds up a small jewelry box with drawers)...anyone brave enough to take a guess?


    Suzette:          Well, duh, that's a thought box.


    Uncle Al:         What do you do with a thought box, Suzie Q?


    Suzette:          I put thoughts in it, but you can see that the drawers are very small and thin so I have to decide which thoughts to put in there.  A big thought just won't fit.


    Bob:                Listen, that's a potato chip chest of drawers if ever I saw one.  You can't put thoughts in a drawer.  But, you can put an entire single layer of potato chips in each drawer there and that will tell you how many you can eat at a time.


    Suzette:          Why can't potato chips and thoughts share the same drawers?  Thoughts don't take up much space.


    Uncle Al:         Or maybe it's a chest of drawers for thoughts ABOUT potato chips.  Either way, you have given SUCH great answers.



    Let's move on to our next item (Al holds up a wall calendar with beautiful photographs of Hawaii on each page and the numbered days underneath.


    Carol:              Wow!  Those are windows into where we want to be.  And, I don't know what those squares are underneath with the strange small image in each square.  I have one of these in my room, and I use the squares to write down how many times I see something different in the window. 


    Uncle Al:         How delightful, Carol!  What do you see in the window I'm holding up right now?


    Carol:              Why, I see how time can stand still.  I keep waiting for the waves to crash against the shore, but God has chosen to stop action on that so I can get a good look.  Isn't that nice of her?


    Bob:                That's no damn window, that's a flat platter with colors on it that people serve potato chips on.  You put one chip in each of those little squares and a whole pile on the other side.


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    Uncle Al:         Bob, would you like some potato chips?


    Bob:                I thought you'd never ask!!

Published On: July 03, 2008