In Sunday's NYTimes- At Many Homes, More Profit and Less Nursing

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  • A cover story in Sunday's New York Times, written by Charles Duhigg, is an expose of the declining quality of care in nursing homes across the country as a result of their purchase by big investment firms concerned only with their own financial gain.


    In the story, Duhigg profiles Vivian Hewitt and her mother Alice Garcia, who died after a preventable bed sore became infected with feces. "I felt so guilty," said Hewitt, "But there was no way for me to find out how bad that place really was".


    You can read the full article here: At Many Homes, More Profit and Less Nursing.


    Hewitt is in the process of suing the nursing home where her mother was left to die, and where another resident suffocated when for two days no one came in to adjust his tracheotomy tube. 

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    But what Hewitt and other plaintiffs are running into is a complicated network of ownership, wherein neither the investment firms nor the managment companies they've given contracts to will take any responsibility for the preventable deaths, unsanitary kitchens, and food that is not up to health requirements.


    Most investment firms who were interviewed for the article declined to comment on their involvement.


    Major nursing home chains bought by private investors since 2000 are Centennial HealthCare, Formation Capital affiliates (see NY Times article), Mariner Health Care, Beverly Enterprises, Genesis HealthCare, and HCR Manor Care.





Published On: September 24, 2007