2.4 Million Americans Have Alzheimer's

MK Editor
  • Hi folks! Just wanted to fill you in on a new study that reports that 2.4 million Americans, all who are over the age of 71, are living with Alzheimers Disease.


    This study, funded by the National Institute of Health, is the first nationwide study to be done on Alzheimer's. The previous studies were measured numbers according to tests that had been done in smaller regions across the country.


    The study goes on to say that 13.9% of those over the age of 71 have dementia, with 7.9% of those suffering from Alzheimer's. Also, Alzheimer's was shown to rise with age: 2.3 % of those between 71 and 79 had it, while 18.9% of those between 80 and 89 had it. 29.7% of those 90 and up suffered from the disease.

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    Richard Suzman, a director at the NIH said that 2.4 millions is "not the number to keep your eye on. The real number is what it's going to be in 30 or 40 years because the population of people age 85 and over -- who are at the highest risk for the disease -- is going to quadruple or quintuple."


    To read more about this study, check out the Reuters article, written by Will Dunham, here.

Published On: October 31, 2007