Study Shows Race May Affect Alzheimer's Survival Rate

MK Editor
  • A new study in the Nov. 14th online edition of Neurology shows that Blacks and Hispanics live longer once diagnosed with Alzheimer's than white Americans and Asians who have also been diagnosed with the disease.


    Hispanics were shown to live 40% longer than whites and Asians, and blacks 15% longer.


    According to Kala Mehta, one of the leads in this study, these results were the opposite of what the researchers had expected.


    "We were surprised by the finding. In fact, we had hypothesized that it would be in the other direction. So, now we're hoping to do more research in the area of racial and ethnic differences and cognitive decline in Alzheimer's to get at the reasons for why differences occur."

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    For the full story from Yahoo News, go here. To see it, go here.

Published On: November 16, 2007