How Do You Compare To The Candidates On Healthcare?

MK Editor
  • It's safe to say that, for most of the country, healthcare doesn't become a very important issue when voting for a presidential candidate until people get older, more frail, and more dependant on modern medicine and good quality medical care.


    If only the young folks, myself included, knew that the decisions they make, and the votes they place this year, will inevitably affect the healthcare system they must face as older people - perhaps that could get the ball rolling sooner on getting the healthcare system in this country fixed.


    For those of you who do care about the healthcare system- the medical care that you receive, the cost of insurance, drug prices, and the like- we have created a website where you can "plot" yourself on a graph next to the presidential candidates to see how your views compare to their views on different healthcare issues.

    Add This Infographic to Your Website or Blog With This Code:


    The site, HealthCare '08, is a great way to find out which candidate views align with your own, and, even if you're not that knowledgeable about the healthcare system in this country, the site provides information so you can understand the issues better.


    Whether you're a registered Republican or Democrat; whether you're aging or in your prime - this site is a great way to get involved with healthcare reform in this country.


    Check it out, and enjoy.




Published On: January 16, 2008