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AshleyDawn1290, Community Member


New to this mess that is the world of migraines.....

Hi all, I'm Ashley, I'm 24 and fairly new to the chronic migraine world. I've always had headaches, since i was in middle/high school but they were maybe one or two a month-never like they are now... About two months ago i was sitting at my desk at work and all the sudden entire back and started to sting and tingle-as if you've got a sunburn... Read moreChevron

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ysraal, Community Member


Forward more

hello family and this is ysraal here and I wish us all hope. In a sense we are all special for we are all a strong people to live with this illness.  We all know how strong this illness is but we must know there is hope. Our illness has been around for a very long time and there are many good people who are trying to help us in all kinds... Read moreChevron


Trudi, Community Member

Married mother of twin girls.

Basal migraine

I have just been diagnosed with Basal migraine. I have been dealing with migraines since 2005. The current (and second) neurologist I am seeing (since 2007) put me on Topamax and has pretty much been at a loss with me. His loss stems from the fact that my migraine has no triggers. My migraines have been less frequent on Topamax... Read moreChevron


EyeTasteMyTears, Community Member


My first time asking for help!

I was 5yrs old when my life changed forever. My sister came up to me and asked "has grandpa been touching you too?" I still don't know why I said yes to her question, but I did. So we both went to our mother and told her. The next few days we found out that our grandfather took a shotgun and blew his head off. At that time our parents were... Read moreChevron


5440, Community Member

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Hello all! Can I be your spirit guide? This is a long read, but please read and respond!!!!!!

Hello all. My name is Steve (ocnprl) and I stumbled across this site while looking up poems about headaches. I don't suffer from Migraines unfortunately, I suffer from very bad Cluster Headaches. For those of you who aren't familiar with them, they are also called "suicide headaches" for a very good reason. Some contemplate it and a few carry... Read moreChevron