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Ann Bartlett

Ann Bartlett, Health Guide

Wellness Center Owner, living with type 1 diabetes

Temporary Tattoo for Blood Glucose Monitoring

The research into better technology for finger pricking has been steady, albeit slow, as the best options seem to be smaller gauge lancets.  But a smaller lancet isn’t advancing diabetes management to something that smacks the pain factor and the Read moreChevron

Dorian Martin

Dorian Martin, Health Guide


Problem with Vision Can Emerge in People with Dementia

Hindsight is sometimes 20/20. That’s what I realized when thinking about the two weeks that my mother spent with me in late August 2005. She was reclining on the couch in my living room and looked at the windows out to my courtyard. “Dorian, there’s a large gap between the windows and the... Read moreChevron

Lene  Andersen

Lene Andersen, Health Guide

Writer, Advocate, Photographer

A Dream for RA in the Future

What if RA was recognized as the medical emergency many doctors feel it is? What would that look like?


We all hope for a future where RA is cured, but that wouldn’t make much of a post. So let’s pretend that the cure is within... Read moreChevron

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Carol Bradley Bursack

Carol Bradley Bursack, Health Guide

Under Minding Our Elders, Carol is an author, blogger and columnist on aging and caregiving support.

Music Therapy Goes High Tech for Alzheimer's

Music therapy has come into its own during the last decade as caregivers, care facilities and hospice organizations have recognized the therapeutic power that music can have on ill and suffering people. This therapy has been successfully delivered by a single staff member playing a guitar for a residents’... Read moreChevron

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RA & Happiness: Finding Joy By Caring For Others

A middle-aged man sat slumped over in a wheel chair in the doctor's waiting room.  I noticed an old wooden cane nearby.  The man had huge, rough-looking hands.  One of his lower legs was bandaged in gauze.

The man looked in my direction, and I smiled. "How are you, today?" I asked.  The stranger lowered his head... Read moreChevron

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