• Maria Lopez Maria Lopez
    May 19, 2011
    if i have an indefenite feeling of being slightly seperated from everyone and everything around me due to the fact that i simply feel that my mind closes me out, do i have a problem? or is it just me?
    Maria Lopez Maria Lopez
    May 19, 2011
    i can never seem to get out what i need to get out when i have something i want to cry about or get angry about. its like i just become weirdly quiet... and everything just gets more and more holed up inside and i have no control over it. i find myself freaking out for no reason, or panicking for the stupidest of reasons. i feel really angry and aggitated one day, then super happy the next. if anyone taps me, or pokes me, i get so mad i wana rip their throat out or smack them or something. and i dont know why. certain sounds make me angry or disturbed. and certain environments depress me. i go from happy to depressed to angry to tired to bored to happy in less than an hour. i feel like there is something wrong with me inside... because now i cant seem to stay in touch with reality. when i try to focus on a conversation or topic or lecture, it feels so strange because its as if my brain randomly took a nap without me knowing it. and then im just left there wondering how long i have been there just staring. it only happens about five to seven minutes every thirty minutes. yet i focus well on topics of interest if i try hard enough. it always feels like there is something in my head that just blocks everything out when i feel hurt or upset. i cant even hear anyone. i dont understand whats going on with me. READ MORE



  • Rorynewton May 20, 2011
    May 20, 2011

    Ms. Lopez,


    Your question on the Alzheimer's page does indicate that you have concerns that you are having an organic (physical) change that is causing you the symptoms  of not being able to feel fully present in certain situations.  Once you get checked out by a physician or nurse practitioner or physician's assistant, if they feel nothing is medically wrong, it might be helpful for you to consult with a psychotherapist.  I suggest this because you describe the feelings of separateness as occurring during times when you are feeling strong, less than positive feelings.  This is called "dissociation" and can happen when an individual needs to put distance between themselves and their feelings, because they might otherwise feel extremely overwhelmed and unable to cope.  It may be a response you taught yourself at an earlier time in your life if you were in traumatic situations.  It also sounds as if you "lose time" in bits and pieces, which is sometimes called a "fugue".  It will be helpful to know your age, how long your symptoms have been occurring, whether there has been a history of trauma, whether the symptoms come and go or are about at the same frequency.  Also, your history of drug (prescription, recreational, herbal and over-the counter) and alcohol and marijuana use is important to know, as well as whether you have a history of a seizure disorder, head injury, or family history of any of the above or dementia, alzheimers.  Also keep track of caffeine intake and sleep patterns.  But definitely check with your health care provider as a first step to make sure they rule-out an organic process.  They may need to do an MRI or CT scan of your brain.  If they do not suggest it, ask them whether that would be something that could aid them in giving you a correct diagnosis.  Just understand that depending upon the insurance you have, there may be limitations to the types of tests that will be covered, and you may be required to pay up front.  If that happens, ask to have a social worker help you complete paperwork for financial assistance with medical bills.

    Hope you feel you have a direction to go in with your concerns.  If you do not have insurance, go to google on your computer, put in your zip code, and then type in "federally qualified health centers" .  That should produce a list of places in your state that are subsidized by federal funds to serve the uninsured and underinsured individuals of the United States.  Also, you DO NOT have to be a legal citizen of the USA to receive services from these centers, and they are not required to report illegal immigrants.  Good luck.



    La Sra. López, 
    Su pregunta en la página de Alzheimer indica que usted tiene la preocupación de que le van a hacer una orgánica (física) el cambio que está causando los síntomas de no ser capaz de sentir plenamente presente en ciertas situaciones. Una vez que te revise un médico o la enfermera o asistente del médico, si sienten que nada es médicamente mal, podría ser útil para que usted consulte con un psicoterapeuta. Sugiero esto porque usted describir las sensaciones de la separación como algo que ocurre en momentos en que se siente fuerte, menos de sentimientos positivos. Esto se llama "disociación" y puede ocurrir cuando un individuo necesita para poner distancia entre ellos y sus sentimientos, porque en caso contrario podría sentirse muy agobiado y no pueden hacer frente. Puede ser una respuesta que te enseñan en un momento anterior en su vida si estuvieras en situaciones traumáticas. También suena como si "perder tiempo" en pedazos, que a veces se denomina "fuga". Será útil saber su edad, la duración de sus síntomas se han venido produciendo, si ha habido una historia de trauma, si los síntomas van y vienen o se van en la misma frecuencia. Además, su historia de drogas (con receta, recreativas herbarios, y las de venta libre) y el alcohol y el consumo de marihuana es importante conocer, así como si tiene antecedentes de un trastorno de convulsiones, lesión en la cabeza, o antecedentes familiares de cualquiera de por encima de la enfermedad de Alzheimer o demencia. También hacer un seguimiento de la ingesta de cafeína y los patrones de sueño. Pero sin duda consulte con su proveedor de cuidado de la salud como un primer paso para asegurarse de que la regla-a cabo un proceso orgánico. Se puede necesitar hacer una resonancia magnética o una tomografía computarizada de su cerebro. Si no lo indican, les pregunto si eso sería algo que podría ayudar a darle un diagnóstico correcto. Sólo entiendo que dependiendo del seguro que tenga, puede haber limitaciones a los tipos de pruebas que serán cubiertos, y usted puede ser obligado a pagar por adelantado. Si eso sucede, pida que un trabajador social ayudará a completar el papeleo para la asistencia financiera con las cuentas médicas. 
    Espero que siente que tiene una dirección para ir con sus preocupaciones. Si usted no tiene seguro médico, ir a Google en su computadora, ponga su código postal y, a continuación el tipo de "centros de salud calificados a nivel federal". Esto debería producir una lista de lugares en su estado que están subvencionados por fondos federales para servir a las personas sin seguro médico de los Estados Unidos.Además, usted NO tiene que ser un ciudadano legal de los EE.UU. para recibir servicios de estos centros, y que no están obligados a reportar a los inmigrantes ilegales. Buena suerte. 

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