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Thursday, February 17, 2011 Linda, Community Member, asks

Q: I have trouble thinking of the name of everyday objects that I use all the time. This is happening more & more frequently. Could this be the onset of alzheimers?

Lots of times when I'm trying to tell someone something, I can't remember words that I need. Even my 10 yr. old grandson has noticed and tries to help me when he sees that I'm struggling to find the words I need.
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AFA Social Services, Health Guide
2/22/11 11:20am

Some cognitive decline as we age is considered normal, but there are certain symptoms that are not see commonly and are considered more characteristic of Alzheimer's disease.  Short-term memory loss is perhaps the most well-known symptom of Alzheimer's disease.  There may also be problems expressing thoughts (such as being able to find the right word, as you mentioned) or comprehending requests, and/or confusion or disorientation to person, place and time, among other symptoms.  What is important to note, however, is that these are also symptoms of other dementias and other medical and psychiatric disorders, some of which may be treatable.  To best determine the cause of your symptoms, a comprehensive examination by your physician is recommended.

NC, Community Member
2/18/11 1:40pm



You cannot tell if it is dementia just by knowing that you forget. There are many types of dementia. You could have dementia or other medical issues. Please check with your GP and ask for referral to a neurologist or psychiatrist to do memory test to find out what is wrong. A GP does not work on memory issue.


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