• MaryPoppins MaryPoppins
    November 24, 2009
    Has anyone tried Neurontin to help with agitation and nerve pain in alzheimer's?
    MaryPoppins MaryPoppins
    November 24, 2009

    We recently started my father, who has alzheimer's, on Neurontin to help with nerve pain and to reduce agitation in the evenings. He seems to be experiencing some immediate side effects - drowsiness, dizziness, and disorientation (more than normal).


    Has anyone had any experience with this drug? If so, what results did you have?



  • Carol Bradley Bursack, Minding Our Elders
    Health Guide
    November 25, 2009
    Carol Bradley Bursack, Minding Our Elders
    Health Guide
    November 25, 2009

    Yes - and it made my dad's nerve pain worse. It was a horrible experience for him. I'm not saying it is not a good drug, but I've know three people who have taken it. Two had really bad experiences. The third finds it helps his nerve pain enough to allow him to sleep at night, but he only takes a small portion of the dose or it makes him so dizzy he falls. So he likes the drug, but does not have dementia and is capable of monitoring his own reactions.


    This may work for your father, but I would be very watchful of the side effects. Maybe a dosage can be found that works. Your doctor should be made aware of all side effects so you can make the ultimate choice - is he better on it or off of it, or is there something else that can help him?


    There are many people who are helped by the drug, I'm sure, or it wouldn't be used so much. All drugs have side effects, so they need to be watched, as you are doing.





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