• Carol Carol
    December 01, 2008
    where can I buy the clock and calendar for Alzheimer's persons?
    Carol Carol
    December 01, 2008

    Looking for info regarding where to buy the quartz clock and calendar for Alzheimer's


    Thank you.

    Carol Falconer




  • Carol Bradley Bursack
    Health Guide
    December 03, 2008
    Carol Bradley Bursack
    Health Guide
    December 01, 2008

    I see Dorian gave the same source I was going to give. There are many good products online, but the Alzheimer's store (www.alzstore.com) has a great variety. I typed "quartz clock calendar Alzheimer's" into my browser and got many hits, but wasn't horribly impressed. You could try that, however, since you know what you are looking for.


    My mother had  two clocks and a watch (she didn't have Alzheimer's, but had dementia) in her nursing home room. One was huge digital numbers, one was a standard large wall clock. But she still got confused.


    I tried several for my mother-in-law, too. It seemed that what was familiar was more important to her than the type of clock, as she couldn't follow time anyway. People get used to having to know what time it is, and so they want watches and clocks even when they can't use them.


    I hope you find a good product. If you do, feel free to e-mail me. I like to know what's out there.




  • Dorian Martin
    Health Guide
    December 01, 2008
    Dorian Martin
    Health Guide
    December 01, 2008

    Hi, Carol,


    You might check with the Alzheimer's Store at http://www.alzstore.com/index.html to see if they have the type of clock and calendar that you need. I ended up using a eraseable white board as a calendar for my mom where I could keep her up to date on the calendar as well as appointments or other things she needed to know about.


    Hope this helps!




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