• DebCervi DebCervi
    March 11, 2009
    extremely agitated and restless alzheimers patient
    DebCervi DebCervi
    March 11, 2009

    my mother in law is extremely restless and agitated, is it ok to give her anti anxiety drugs or other calming perscriptions?



  • Dorian Martin
    Health Guide
    March 14, 2009
    Dorian Martin
    Health Guide
    March 14, 2009

    Hi, Deb,


    I'd suggest that you talk to your mother-in-law's primary care physician before giving her any drugs to make sure there will not be any unwanted interactions with other drugs that she's taking. With that said, this primary care physican can give you a prescription for a drug that will calm your mother-in-law. I know that we had to get such a prescription for my mother, who only periodically got agitated.


    Take care and keep us posted!




  • mtandkids March 13, 2009
    March 13, 2009

    Hi Debcervi,

    since my father has had dimentia I have searched so many things on this disease. I have learned that my father was getting more agitated more in the evening time and very mad. so I was told they get

    "Sundowning" agitation in dementia patients.

    at first I didn't know what they meant by it, so I searched the internet and found it, and my dad seems to get it if his meds aren't given to him. he is in a nursing home. my dad is on so many meds, i can't even count anymore. but if he wasn't I would go crazy. I know they put my dad on it @ first called Atavan as he has progressed they have him on Risperdal. good luck, Im not an expert by no means.  tami





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