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Saturday, September 20, 2008 Doris, Community Member, asks

Q: What is the difference between Dementia & Alzheimers?

My husband has been diagnosed with moderate to severe Dementia.  He is taking Namenda 2 times a day and seems to be getting worse.  Does Dementia turn into Alzheimers?  Can you compare the two?

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Carol Bradley Bursack, Health Guide
9/21/08 8:44am

Hi Doris,

This gets confusing for many people. Alzheimer's is a form of dementia - one of the most common. However, there is vascular dementia, Pick's disease - the list goes on. My mom was just diagnosed with "organic brain disease," because they couldn't name it, other than dementia. Many doctors try Alzheimer's drugs for dementias because it isn't always easy to diagnose, specifically, the type of dementia. I know one woman whose dad was told he had Alzheimer's. It took five years to decide it was vascular dementia (I put her on to it, as his behavior didn't seem to follow classic Alzheimer's). However, his treatment didn't change much. If you haven't had him to a neuro-psychiatrist, you may want to try that.


Christine Kennard, Health Pro
9/22/08 10:17am

Hi Doris


Many people ask this question. Alzhimer's disease is a form of dementia. David Roeltgen has wriiten a sharepost that will help answer our question. There is the link:



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