The Expensive Business of Health

HealthCue co-founders, Traci Richards and Stephen Schuster, answer your health insurance questions.

Getting sick can have a big impact on your financial health, too. More than a third of health care costs are paid out of pocket by the patient, according to a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation. If you are spending that much money on health care, you’ll want to make sure that your doctor is the right one -- and will make you better quickly. But how do you establish a relationship with our doctor that provides confidence you are getting the right medical advice and treatment?

We understand how important these questions are to you and are here to help. We’ve asked Traci Richards, a health care executive, and Steve Schuster, a health care attorney to be your guides to the business of health. They are the founders of HealthCue, and together have over 40 years experience navigating health care issues. They will help you figure out how to avoid the headaches the health care system creates and find ways to avoid unnecessary costs.

Questions HealthCue will help you grapple with include:

  • How to choose what health insurance fits your needs.
  • How to determine if a health savings account is for you.
  • How to deal with claims filed with your health insurer.
  • How to navigate new Medicare rules.
  • How to get coverage for clinical trials and experimental procedures.
  • Why we use so many prescription drugs and how can we save “out of pocket” dollars for drugs.
  • Do we call our physician when we don’t need to and increase our medical costs?
  • Are there ways for those of us with chronic illness, who spend the most for health care services, to get educated on ways to be healthier and therefore spend less?

In addition, HealthCue will feature answers to your own questions about the business of health. This is your chance to your burning question about any “red tape” issues you encounter in the healthcare system. Please send your questions to We won’t have space to reply to every question asked, of course, but we’ll feature questions whose answers have a broad application for many people.

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