Alzheimer's Basics

From symptoms to stages, and prevention to prescription medicines, learn the basics of Alzheimer's disease.

  • Introduction
    Get the important details of Alzheimer's disease with our patient guide overview, which also includes an animated explanation of the illness and encyclopedia definitions of Alzheimer's-related issues.
  • Dementia
    Learn about dementia basics and see what the experts and community members have to say about dementia. 
  • Information and Resources from the Alzheimer's Association
    The Alzheimer's Association is a world leader in research, education, support and advocacy. Their guides and fact sheets provide comprehensive and up-to-date information about Alzheimer's disease.
  • Alzheimer's Prevention
    Learn what you can do to maintain your mental and physical health as you age. Our guides will tell you the steps you can take to protect your mental dexterity.
  • Causes
    Researchers continue to learn more about the causes of Alzheimer's disease. Our guide will give you the latest theories on what contributes to the illness.
  • Risk Factors
    A number of factors contribute to your risk for developing Alzheimer's. Here you'll find what puts you at risk for developing the disease.
  • Symptoms
    Alzheimer's can manifest itself in a variety of ways, particularly in the earliest phases of the disease. Read our guide to learn which symptoms may signal something serious.
  • Diagnosis
    Find the details about the criteria medical professionals use to diagnose Alzheimer's, and what you can expect if you suspect you or a loved one may be developing the disease.
  • Medications
    Read our guide to the latest treatment options for slowing and combating the effects of Alzheimer's.
  • Stages
    Alzheimer's disease is characterized by stages of the disease's progression. Our guides and videos will let you know what to expect during each stage of the illness.
  • References
    These organizations and websites offer helpful information about Alzheimer's disease.