Does Trauma Trigger PTSD Symptoms?

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  • One question about post traumatic stress disorder that is often asked is "Does the trauma actually cause the PTSD symptoms, or would the individual have developed these anxiety symptoms anyway?"


    In other words, is it only people with a tendency toward anxiety that develop PTSD?


    A recent research study shows that trauma does increase the risk of developing symptoms of PTSD. In the study, over 100 sets of twins were examined. One person in each set had been in combat in Vietnam and the other twin had not. Researchers found the twin who had been in Vietnam had three times as many symptoms of PTSD as the twin who had not been in combat.

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    To read the rest of this news story: Trauma Really Does Trigger Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms


    I found this interesting. I hope you do as well.



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Published On: October 28, 2010