Happy Thanksgiving

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  • Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, or Turkey Day, as it is often referred to. I prefer the traditional name, Thanksgiving, because it helps us remember to take a moment and be grateful for all the good in our lives. And so, with that in mind, I would like to take a moment to say "Thank you" to all of you, to all the members, readers and visitors to AnxietyConnection.


    I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share with you information on anxiety disorders and hopefully, provide some useful information that makes your life a little easier.


    I am thankful for all of the experts here at HealthCentral, but especially the contributors to AnxietyConnection, Merely Me and Jerry Kennard. Thank you both for your contributions to this site and this community. Thank you for caring about each member and sharing your experiences and knowledge.

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    But most of all, it is you, the members, the readers, the visitors that make this site worthwhile. You share your questions, your comments, your pain, your frustrations and your triumphs with us. Thank you. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you.


    Wishing all of you a truly wonderful (and delicious) Thanksgiving.



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Published On: November 24, 2010