Donate $200 to the Charity of Your Choice Without Spending a Cent

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  • Doesn't that sound great! If you are like me, you have your favorite charities, the ones you donate to on a regular basis or want to donate and never have the extra cash. Now is your chance. HealthCentral is sponsoring a "This is Me" video contest. Make a video about your health story - and no, you don't have to be sick to make a video. It can be about how you stay healthy or how you manage symptoms of an illness or disorder on a daily basis. We'll leave the topic and content of the video up to you (but please keep it clean). 


    Now, about the charity: The winner will have $200 donated to a charity of their choice and two 2nd place winners will have $100 donated in their name. 

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    To find out more about the rules and how to submit a video:


    This is Me Video Contest


    Good luck to all! 




Published On: August 31, 2011