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  • Who’s that girl?

    Since this is my first blog for health central, I wanted to give readers a chance to get to know me. I wanted you to feel as if we were sitting together outside on my patio with a cup of chai tea, talking about our lives. It is these kinds of conversations that let us get a deeper understanding of one another, of what makes us who we are. I want to show you what I do and why I love it.
    When I reflect back on my life, looking for patterns and behaviors, I am able to uncover and understand more of who I am today. Sharing this intimate information with you- giving you the chance to really know me - is what I enjoy most.

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    My family laid the groundwork
    My dad, a professor of ergonomics, has authored seven books on the subject. He has dedicated his life’s work to studying and observing humans in their environment. A Sagittarian like myself, he loves every opportunity for travel, taking us to live in South Africa on sabbatical for part of my childhood.
     My mother, who is a nurse, is the definition of calm and grounded. Her natural way of being present in the world taught me the values of love and compassion.  I absorbed her way of being like a sponge soaks up water. Together my parents raised nine children.

    Nature is a deep and fond memory
    One of the re-occurring themes in my childhood was my love of nature. Summers were one of my favorite seasons. I lived outside, barefoot and comfortable, swimming, or riding my horse through the creek from dawn until dusk. These carefree days let me lose track of all time on a clock. Lying still in our beds on the screened in porch of our summer cabin, we welcomed all the sounds of the night soothing us to sleep. This connection to nature is my strongest and fondest childhood memory.

    Study of one self
    Looking back on the years of my life, I truly see the repeating patterns. My love for science along with my desire to nurture became apparent as I studied science in college and became a nurse. My love for travel and studying other cultures always leads me back to the common theme of the study of one self, observing my behaviors and how I interact with my environment. This is a meaningful journey—learning how to uncover the intrinsic and true nature of one’s own self. Uncovering our true nature allows us to live genuinely. By living in this way, we effortlessly reflect the best of our self in everything we do. Life brings with it many avenues for self-growth. For me, it is a constant process of renewal, education and self-discovery.  I embrace the challenges life brings me every day. Everyday my life pushes me to grow. This constant curiosity and investigation of my life leads me closer to my true self.

    One of my passions
    Up to this point, my life’s work has cumulated into one of my greatest passions: helping others find their innate ability to help themselves.  My wish for you, the readers of health central, is that you will gain knowledge and insight. My hope is that you will then be able to apply practical solutions to your every day lives, solutions that will bring you balance, health and true well being for your self and the life of your family.

  • Sending you all very best wishes,

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    Beth Irvine, BSN

    health central expert, healthy living spokesperson and author, Healthy Mother Healthy Child



Published On: May 06, 2008