Summertime Self-Esteem Boosters

Jerry Kennard Health Pro
  • With the dull winter days behind us it’s time to come out of hibernation and refresh the senses. If the prospect of the summer fills you with indifference, because nothing ever seems to change, then that’s probably what’s going to happen. Such unexciting prospects will do nothing to enhance your wellbeing. Dull routines have an eroding effect on self-esteem whereas new experiences, new sights, smells and activities help to pull us away from the anxieties of trying something new and are pretty well guaranteed to pay dividends.


    Some people thrive on new experiences yet others find the idea challenging, to say the least. For people who struggle with new activities the build up can be a period of huge anxiety. It can reach a point where they simply cannot believe the positive experience they may gain from doing something new is worth the agonies they are going through. This is when we begin to rationalize the reasons we’re not going to bother. We “feel sickly”, or we find we have no time, or if all these seem to fail, we become sullen and obstructive, almost challenging the new experience to make us feel it was all worth it. If this is followed by a fear of the situation we may be looking at the need to treat social phobia, but if not then perhaps it says something about how easy it is to become trapped in our own small worlds.

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    So what to do? Well, my idea would be to start small and then as you feel more comfortable, become a little more ambitious. You may already have some things in mind that you find appealing, but the prospect of achieving them may be too daunting. Here are a few ideas to get things moving:


    -       Look in your wardrobe. Is it time for a clear out? It may not sound like you are achieving much but the symbolism of clearing out the old and familiar is quite strong.

    -       Change your look. Maybe get a different hairstyle or color?

    -       Visit somewhere local. Unless you live in a very small community the chances that you have visited every gallery, museum, shop, park or sight of interest in your vicinity is probably quite small. I know for a fact there are places the average tourist has seen that I manage to regularly walk past.

    -       Look around for local classes. Ever fancied bee keeping, pottery, art, home maintenance, or cake decoration? There is something for everyone out there and classes are often very inexpensive or sometimes free.

    -       Join a gym, get on a cycle, learn salsa dancing or engage in some other physical activity. There’s nothing like movement for retuning the senses and making you feel more alive.


    The views we hold about ourselves and the ways in which we value ourselves are termed self-esteem. The good thing is we can do fairly small things that can have dramatic effects on our self-esteem. Feeling trapped, unmotivated, or worried to try new things must be challenged. Boosting self-esteem isn’t hard and a higher self-esteem acts as a buffer to deflect the knocks that might otherwise push us down.

Published On: May 01, 2013