Easy Meditation

Jerry Kennard Health Pro
  • I invite you step outside yourself and to reflect on your emotions and your body as if they are not a part of you, yet can be influenced by you - the 'observing' you. There is no time schedule, no particular rules, and just a few notes of guidance that you may adapt to suit your own purposes.


    Some people think of meditation as relaxation, but there are differences. Techniques of relaxation are frequently described as skills that must be developed in order to get the best from them. Meditation is different in the sense that it is about choices and acceptance. It is however similar to relaxation in that the more you practice the more you will get from it.

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    Because people who are anxious tend to focus more on their body than their thought processes, this easy meditation approach should be beneficial.


    Prepare for meditation in a quiet environment and one where there are no distractions. If you feel guilty about taking time to meditate, or you have a sense of squeezing it in between activities, the timing isn't right. Put it off until you feel sufficient space and time is available.


    Get comfortable. There is absolutely no requirement for you to sit cross-legged on the floor, unless of course you wish to. Sitting or lying down is fine.


    Close your eyes and begin to think about your body. What parts of the chair or floor are in contact with your body? How heavy does your body feel? What parts of your body are warm or cold? Don't attempt to change anything, just become aware of your body. Now breathe as if you were taking a few long, lazy, sighs. Each time you breathe out feel some tension leaving your body. Then, continue to breathe in a calm and relaxed fashion. Continue to think about your body and observe the changes.


    When you are ready, allow yourself to observe your emotions. Again, don't try to change anything, just become aware of how you are feeling. Perhaps you feel calm, perhaps you observe anger, or negativity, or love? Accept what you feel, but almost as if you were an outsider looking in, so they don't take over. Observe your thoughts and feelings as they drift in and out of focus. They may be rational or irrational; they may be memories, trivia or just nonsense. Allow them all to wash around you and simply observe. Try inviting a positive or affirming thought to stay for a while. If it seems it doesn't want to, let it go.  


    When you feel it is time to finish, slowly open your eyes, take a deep breath and return to the world. Many anxious people find they struggle against who they are and how they feel. This is a battle that can't be won. Accepting who you are by observing your body and your emotions can sometimes provide unforeseen insights.


    Meditate when you like. Some people set aside a few minutes each day. Others prefer to spend longer meditating but maybe only once a week.

Published On: March 19, 2009