Question of the Week: How Do You Manage Anxiety in Your Relationship?

Eileen Bailey Health Guide
  • "If your spouse has anxiety disorder, it can place a large strain on the relationship. In any relationship, couples must work through any number of hurdles. They may face differences on raising children, finances, and intimacy. Each of these can be enough to drive a wedge into the relationship, adding anxiety to this mix makes it all the more difficult. The normal challenges can become exaggerated and additional challenges and problems are added."


    This coming week, we will be celebrating Valentine's Day. There may be members struggling with anxiety in their relationship. Help by letting us know how you manage anxiety within your relationship. You may have found some strategies that can help other couples.

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    This week's question is:


    How does anxiety impact your relationship and how to you manage the obstacles caused by anxiety?

    Anxiety in Relationships


    When a Spouse Has Anxiety

Published On: February 09, 2010