Exercise and Anxiety

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    Exercise has been shown to help improve mood and reduce anxiety and stress. Although physical activity is not a cure and symptoms will not disappear, you may be able to improve your symptoms and make symptoms more manageable with as little as 1 minutes several times a week. .


    Beginning a regular exercise program can help to increase self-image. It can make you feel better and improve your physical appearance. An exercise program can also provide a positive activity to replace negative activities. Rather than delving into worrying or thinking about the negatives in your life, exercise can provide a positive lift, letting you focus on improvement in your life rather than sliding into a depression or letting your worries control you.

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    Starting a program may be the hardest part. There are a number of tips to help you begin:


    • Try to find an exercise that you enjoy. Maybe it is taking a walk in the evenings or a jog early in the morning to get your day started. Finding an activity that you enjoy will help you to follow through and continue the exercise program.
    • Talk to your doctor about what type of exercise programs would be good for you. Take your health condition into account and work to develop a problem solving approach to improving health rather than working against your health.
    • Set goals. Begin with small goals, such as 10 minutes 3 days a week. Starting small will help you to reach your goals. You can increase your goals as you reach them.
    • Determine reasons why you have failed to keep up with exercise programs in the past and work through challenges rather than allowing them to stop you this time.
    • Look at exercise as a part of your routine and something enjoyable rather than as a chore. Find a friend to exercise with and to help keep you on track.


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Published On: June 08, 2008