Comparing the Candidates Health Care Proposals

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    The election is drawing near, both national parties have had their conventions and the race is on. In determining who to vote for, many people will research the issues and where each candidate stands. Health care is one of those issues. It is considered to be one of the major issues of this election year. With over 47 million Americans uninsured, this problem impacts many people and families throughout our country.


    In my quest to find out more about the health plans offered by the major candidates, I researched across the internet. Here is what I found out:


    Outline of John McCain's Health Care Plan

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    Outline of Barack Obama's Health Care Plan


    From my research, I have found (all of this is explained, and documented, in more detail in the above posts):


    Over the next ten years, both plans will cost approximately the same amount.  However, Barack Obama's plan will cost much more in the first year.


    Over the next ten years:

    John McCain's plan will reduce the uninsured by approximately 5%.

    Barack Obama's plan will reduce the uninsured by approximately 50%.


    John McCain's plan relies on freedom of choice by increasing competition among insurance companies and in turn, reducing premiums. In this, patients will have more choice to choose the plan of their choice from among all private insurers.


    Barack Obama's plan relies on government intervention to solve the health insurance crisis. Individuals will have the choice of: having insurance at their job, purchasing insurance through a national plan (with subsidies available for those that cannot afford the premiums), purchasing insurance through a national clearinghouse of insurance providers or finding private insurance on their own.


    The tax structure for health insurance premiums will remain consistent with today's structure under Barack Obama.


    The tax structure under John McCain's plan will be changed in that businesses will no longer receive a tax break for offering employees insurance. Any premiums paid by the company will be considered income and the employee will pay the taxes on this income. There will however, be a tax credit in the amount of $2500 for individuals and $5000 for families to offset this cost and the cost of purchasing insurance.


    John McCain's plan does not include a specific program for people with pre-existing conditions; however, he does indicate he will work with states to come up with a program to help them.


    Barack Obama's plan allows for guaranteed acceptance of people into the national plan and companies participating in the national clearinghouse must accept everyone, regardless of health history.


    This is an important issue in today's world. What do you think? Who do you think offers the best plan for today? Do you have ideas on how the health insurance industry could be fixed?



Published On: September 07, 2008