Heather Locklear Suffers from Anxiety and Depression

Eileen Bailey Health Guide
  • Heather Locklear checked herself into the hospital this past summer seeking treatment for depression and anxiety. She had been taking medication for these conditions since 2006 and this hospitalization was meant to review and adjust her medication.


    Prior to entering the hospital, friends of Heather saw her behavior as erratic, sometimes feeling quite down and at other times appearing edgy and nervous. Although she was not treated for substance abuse, there is some indication she used alcohol because of the depression.


    Lately, Heather's anxiety was causing problems as well. One friend explained that when something would go wrong, her anxiety would increase and she would have a difficult time dealing with the problem.

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    This past spring, Heather discussed her symptoms with a new doctor, who suggested the medication she had been prescribed was not the correct medication. The doctor recommended inpatient hospitalization to undergo an evaluation and determination of what medication would be best.


    When Heather completed shooting her newest film, Flirting, she went into a treatment center in Arizona. She staying in the hospital for four weeks and when she returned home, a friend reported she  was doing well, even though it was understood that recovery would be ongoing.


Published On: September 23, 2008