The Upcoming Election and Anxiety

Eileen Bailey Health Guide
  • The election is only days away and people everywhere are becoming more and more nervous, losing sleep and spending days searching for information on the internet about the latest polls.


    This is not a normal election. The United States is involved in two wars, the economy is collaspsing around us. People are worried about their family, their way of life and their future.


    According to an article, "Nail-bite the Vote: Anxiety Peaks for both Democrats and Republicans as Election Nears", [Heather Lally, 2008, Oct 27, Rockford Register Star] psychologist Nancy Molitor says, "this is the most anxious" she has seen her patients. People are complaining about "trouble sleeping, edginess, irritability, and increased absences and distractions at work."

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    Voting is extremely personal. People cast their vote based on their most fundamental beliefs. They not only vote for their choice of candidate but want, with their entire being, for their candidate to succeed in the election. According to Nancy Molitor, "Some people are going to have to mourn this. This is going to be like a loss. It's going to be like a death. Some have been very passionate. It's become their life. It's become an obsession."


    For those with anxiety disorders, the nervousness felt by the upcoming election can be magnified, bringing on panic and anxiety attacks.


    In the article, Gretchen Rubin, writer of the upcoming book "The Happiness Project" explains that people must remember that "No one's trying to ruin the country, Everybody's going to do their best."


    Being pro-active, getting involved, volunteering are all ways people can help to reduce anxiety and feel productive. The most important, however, is to VOTE!!


Published On: October 29, 2008