Question of the Week: What Do You Avoid to Help Manage Anxiety?

Eileen Bailey Health Guide
  • Sometimes, when we have anxiety, we try to manage symptoms by avoiding situations that may cause anxiety, even if we don't currently feel anxious. For example, if you are walking in the mall and you see someone you know ahead, but you can't remember their name, will you quickly walk the other way, pretending you don't see him or her? Having to speak to someone (when you think you should remember their name) and not being able to address them properly might cause anxiety. So do you run away or do you accept that you may feel uncomfortable and speak to the person? Do you admit you don't remember their name or do you just not use the name in the conversation, pretending you know it?

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    The Question this Week:


    What situations do you avoid because you are afraid anxiety may come, even if you are not feeling anxiety at the present moment?


    I am looking forward to your responses.







Published On: August 04, 2009