Question of the Week: Share Holiday Traditions

Eileen Bailey Health Guide
  • This week's question really doesn't have to do with anxiety, but instead I was wondering if some of our members would like to share some of their holiday traditions. What are your favorite activities over this time of year?


    What does your family do to celebrate Thanksgiving?


    My family gathers with brothers/sisters and nieces and nephews to share a holiday feast. Everyone brings their specialty. My family brings baked sweet potatoes and macaroni and cheese. Both are usually big hits. My nephew has been hosting the family dinner for the past several years.


    Later in the evening, we move to a different house to join with extended family for dessert. This is obviously a big hit with the kids, there is so much dessert you can't possibly taste it all.

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    I look forward to this day and this year is no exception. How about you?



Published On: November 17, 2009