Is Anxiety the Operative Mood of Our Young Adults

Amy Hendel Health Guide
  • They're called the "me generation" and they are faced with a host of challenges.  They graduate college only to find the toughest job market yet.  On their starting salaries they're supposed to afford rent, food, gas, clothing, student loans and other necessities of life - but they are struggling to make ends meet.  Many of them are finding that a college degree is not enough - so more debt is contemplated.  And the anxiety levels that are already at moderate levels, begin to climb even higher.


    I am the mother of one of these Gen me young adults and I'm not sure whose anxiety level is higher.  I obsess over whether she can plot a future course andprofessional goal and stay focused - she loses sleep over her attempts to manage an intensive 5 week post graduate program while working a weekend job and studying for her GREs.  Is it any wonder we both feel anxious, sleep restlessly and nibble when we're not really hungry??

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    I recently read an article that said we all need to chill out - ARE YOU KIDDING??THIS IS ADVICE??  But actually it is - if someone takes you by the shoulders and shakes you a bit and tells you that your health depends it.  And apparently our health does depend on our ability to manage anxiety or to get help of some kind if we can't.  You're at risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other illnesses if you don't somehow reduce your anxiety, because it affects pretty much every organ system in your body when it becomes a chronic situation.


    So I've decided to literally set a daily clock that rings in the afternoon and reminds me to lower the lights, hunker down in my chair, close my eyes and just "chill" for about 10 minutes.  We'll see how this works......


    What do you do to lower anxiety?? 

Published On: July 14, 2008