Imagine Being Able To Turn Off Traumatic Feelings.....

Amy Hendel Health Guide
  • associated with bad memories. Well researchers have made a discovery that might lead to drugs that could treat panic disorders and PTSD.  Scientists from UC  Irvine and the University of Muenster (Germany) found a small brain protein called neuropeptide S that is involved in "erasing traumatic responses to adverse memories."  How? Neuropeptide S works on a tiny group of neurons inside the amygdala - an area in the brain that stores memories.


    So just imagine that people whose lives are totally crippled by panic disorders or post-traumatic stress disorder might literally be able to take a pill that blocks the feelings associated with the memory of the primary event.  Till now, the best option for these individuals was a combination of drugs that control symptoms and "new learning" therapy that involved desensitization to the events.  This finding and the drugs that may result, would possibly allow a person re-exposure to the place where thei original memories were created - but this time without harmful consequences. 

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    I worked with veterans from the Viet Nam War when I first graduated as a PA and I have to tell you that this kind of research and the types of therapy it might offer would have been an amazing and liberating therapy for these vets.  This kind of research can offer hope to millions of individuals.

Published On: August 07, 2008