When It Comes to Depression – There May Indeed Be a Gender Card

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    We now know that there may be a true "biological difference" in how men and women respond to medications.  This may be especially true when it comes to an inexpensive and popular anti-depressant.  Celexa seems to be better suited to treat women suffering from depression than men, though it may work in both sexes. 


    In a multi-year study called STAR*D out of the University of Michigan Depression Center, data emerged from a detailed study of over 2870 men and women who had a clear diagnosis of major depression.  The results showed that women were 33% more likely to achieve remission or full relief from Celexa, when compared to men.  What's interesting to note, is that women were more severely depressed than men to begin with in this study -so the results are pretty provocative. When it came to side effects - no difference was seen between genders, nor was there a significant difference in the amount of time it took for remission from depression to occur once the medication was started.

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    Celexa belongs to a group of anti-depressants called SSRIs.  The researchers did not feel that their study negates giving men with depression Celexa, but rather that the different response rate between genders should be noted.  Typically, patients with depression often find that they need to try a couple to several different medications in order to achieve relief.  In fact, this observation has fueled a new study called CO-MED, which will look at several different therapies and their efficacy.


    Are you on an anti-depressant now and is it working?? did it take several different trys to find the right one for you?? Are you "anti" anti-depressant???

Published On: September 04, 2008