Diabetes and Depression Can be the Never-Ending Merry-Go-Round

Amy Hendel Health Guide
  • You develop diabetes which can lead to depression which can lead to unhealthy habits which can lead to a worsening of diabetes and.....the vicious cycle continues. 


    Experts know that depression can have a severely negative impact on physical health.  Studies now show that there's a connection between the severity of depressive symptoms and the increased likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes.  And patients already coping with diabetes - are at risk of developing or exacerbating their depression. So patients and doctors need to understand the duality interaction between the two conditions. 

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    What the studies have also shown is that if depression is instigated, the diabetes patient will typically turn to more food or less healthy food, which, will clearly make their blood sugars run high and cause further damage internally.  They may also smoke, drink alcohol or abandon exercise (if it was in place) due to ongoing depression - all things that will make their diabetes worse.  And another aspect that makes this diabetes-depression connection worse - is that diabetics who have poor blood sugar control (even if they are following recommendations) may have more complications, and then be at risk for more frequent bouts of chronic depression.


    To bottom line it - if you have diabetes make sure that you and your doctor are on guard for any signs of depression, and treat immediately.


Published On: September 14, 2008