When the Market Crashes - Anxiety and Depression Soar

Amy Hendel Health Guide
  • Shopkeepers say they can see it in the eyes of their customers - anxiety and despair.  Food marts say they can see it in the substitute food choices of their patrons - salads switched out for fries and other comfort foods.  Last month the economy lost 159,000 jobs - the biggest one-month drop in the last five years. 


    Most of us - even those who budget - are still, for the most part used to being able to basically get what we need and want.  With economic conditions going south - emotional balance is sure to follow.  A recent story tells of a woman so resistant to allowing her precious home to foreclose - that she chose suicide, rather than face this ultimate failure.  As people lose their buying power, then their jobs and possibly their homes - first comes fear, then anger, then being upset, then confusion and finally serious anxiety or depression, according to health experts.  People may even shed their morals, and resort to petty or more serious crimes because of their disrupted emotional state. 

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    Psychologists do feel it's a time when people need to find the richness in non-material things, growing closer and depending on family members, finding the joy in less costly vacations and possessions, rejoicing in good health and celebrating life.

Published On: October 06, 2008