This Therapy Won't Cost Lots

Amy Hendel Health Guide
  • Ever notice how people who meditate regularly seem...very Zen-like.  Well, Zen Buddhist Meditation may help to treat depression, attention deficit disorder and anxiety according to a recent Emory University study.  Disorders that have a component of "excessive rumination" or runaway thoughts, may be helped by this type of meditation.  It helps to "control the mind's focus and disentagle it from distracting or even harmful preoccupations."


    Unlike other forms of meditation (like imagining yourself on a tropical island) Zen meditation discourages mental vacations and actually prescribes a vigilant attitude to one's present surroundings.  By focusing on the here and now and true reality - this type of meditation can calm you down and keep you from getting carried away.

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    Brain scan imaging by researchers from the university were able to show that people who practiced Zen daily for 3 years were able to focus better on tasks and keep their brains from wandering (and keep their breathing more easy and paced), when compared to subjects who did not engage in this meditation.  Studies also suggest that Zen meditation can alleviate symptoms from hypertension, depression, and stress as well as help the immune system to fight off disease.


    With seriously entrenched disease like years of OCD (obsessive obstructive disorder) or major depression, the Zen meditation may not work quite as well.  It can help as a tool or in cases where there is milder disease.

Published On: October 11, 2008