Dow Jones Anxiety May Lead to Increased Drinking...Know Your Alcohol Facts

Amy Hendel Health Guide
  • It's a typical gets stressful and tense and we turn to ...alcohol to drown or at minimum numb our pain.  Let's agree that drinking does not solve problems it creates problems and it can actually heighten anxiety.  But if you are going to imbibe occasionally, you need to get your alcohol facts straight:

    (a) Half a glass of wine daily provides enough health benefits - you do not need to drink the full goblet.  If you don't already drink, experts say there is no good reason to start.  You can get the health benefits of red wine, from red grapes or other sources.

    (b) If you do feel the need to toss a glass or two, then eat a small serving fat + protein to allow your body to slow down the impact of the alcohol.  You can also have a glass of water in between the 2 glasses of wine (or servings of liquor) to minimize the impact.

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    (c) Know that as you age the possibility of developing a hangover increases because our bodies tend to lose water and our liver shrinks - meaning we process the alcohol less efficiently.

    (d) If you do get a hangover - drink low calorie fluids (like water), get some sleep if possible and take aspirin or ibuprofen.


    Finally, remember that alcohol (per servings) has calories:

    - Amstel Light - 95 calories

    - Miller Lite - 96 calories

    - Beringer Chardonnay 125 calories

    - Bicardi Gold rum and cola - 132 calories

    - Heuneken - 150 calories

    - Seagram's gin and tonic - 151 calories

    - Mike's Hard Lemonade - 220 calories 

Published On: October 22, 2008