The Ultimate Internet Anxiety for a Parent – A Child’s Suicide

Amy Hendel Health Guide
  • A father sits in Miami, appalled at what has happened.  His son not only committed suicide, but he did so on webcam for thousands of internet viewers to watch.  It took 12 hours from the time of his suicide declaration on a bodybuilding website, for the young man to finally down enough pills to put him into the ultimate sleep.  The young man had apparently threatened suicide in the past; some viewers did not take these actions seriously; others goaded him on while others watched, but did not choose to contact authorities.  Some even cracked jokes after he appeared to be lifeless.  By the time the authorities were contacted and located the young man, he was dead.

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    His father will continue to deal, in bewilderment, with the reality that the internet provided death as entertainment.  He will continue to wonder what would have happened had he not gone to work that day or had one viewer decided to contact authorities sooner.  They say that when someone decides to commit suicide, in many cases you may be able to delay it; but they will ultimately carry through with the plan if they are truly determined.  The anxiety of the family members who live with a loved one struggling with serious depression and thoughts of suicide has to be simply unbearable.  The idea that indeed this young man finally "went through with it" has to cause his father unbelievable pain.  The idea that others watched and actually found an entertainment element in this event is simply incomprehensible.



Published On: November 24, 2008