Dr. Diana L Walcutt Health Guide
  • Can you imagine how awful it is to lose one's job right before the holidays? Unfortunately, many, many people are being laid off or being fired in this ugly economy. Just think about the auto workers, the retail personnel, and even bank staff. Not just upper and middle management, they are probably getting nice bonuses this year, but the everyday folks that need every penny they can scrap up.


    What should one do if this happens to you? Well, there are a whole series of emotions that a person goes through when they suffer a loss. There's denial; "Oh, this CAN'T be happening!" Then anger; "Why me?" Then, bargaining; "I will do whatever it takes, God. Please don't let this happen. I will even join the convent if you will only let me get by on THIS one." Then, depression; "I just want to die. I will never make it." Finally, acceptance; "Ok, what must I do to shake myself free of this horribly timed tragedy?"

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    Think about it; the loss of a job is often perceived as a slight on one's self esteem. We will nearly ALWAYS take it personally; after all, this is our livelihood, our very survival. But I caution you from doing so, since companies that appear to be functioning well, often aren't, especially now. I'm sure you've heard that Toyota suffered a loss for the first time in its history. K-Bee Toys are history, so is Talbot's. In our neck of the woods, CompUSA and Linens N Things are gone, and Circuit City has declared bankruptcy.


    Ok, you say, how does this depressing information help me? Well, it goes to illustrate that everyone is suffering losses, and that it is NOT personal. I know if people who have been "let go" to put it gently, just before their most important holiday, whether it's Chanukah or Christmas.  Talk about rough.


    What can you do? You can pick yourself up, reach out to friends and/or family who love you, and move on. I've discovered that money is like the ocean tide; it comes in, and then goes back out. The secret is to accept that is what happens and understand that it will come back in. 


    Anger is about pain. It's not typically a primary emotion. It's about being hurt, feeling disrespected, or unloved. It's about entitlement and goes waaaaaaaaaay back to infancy. I know you don't remember, but when you were an infant you wanted what you wanted and the world was awful until you got it. Not much changes as we grow up, except we learn to cope, self soothe, and find another way to survive.


    You will survive this. Another job will come along. Until then, pray, hang out with friends or family, or seek professional help. This will pass. It is not the end of the world.

Published On: December 24, 2008