What's on Your Mind?

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  • The other morning I went down to our kitchen to make my regular morning cup of coffee. Reaching for my cup I noticed the dishwasher was empty- completely unloaded. I thought how can this be? I am sure I closed the dishwasher door with a full load of dirty (soon to be clean) dishes before I went to bed. Very strange. When my husband came down later I remarked about the magically empty dishwasher and he replied, "Oh, yeah, I couldn't sleep last night, so I got up and unloaded the dishwasher."


    Grateful for his help, but sorry to hear of his disrupted sleep, the first thing that spontaneoulsy came out of my mouth was, "What's on your mind?" We talked (for at least an hour) about life, and what was on his mind. Sometimes getting the oppportunity to express your thoughts, concerns or ideas to someone else is all that it takes to feel a bit better or at least "de-cluttered" enough to create a calm place to rest. It gives you a chance to feel less anxious about life and all of it's challenges. Getting things "off your chest" can make you feel so much lighter, relieved or just plain happy.

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    Take the step. Talk to someone. Chatter away to your partner, a friend, or perhaps use the power of a pen to paper to find out what's on your mind.


    Here's another idea. Try out my guided relaxation, Finding a Quiet Still Space to help you unwind and let go. The quiet still space you create can leave plenty of room for a restful sleep.


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Published On: August 19, 2008