20 Minutes- It's Your Choice

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  • Think about how you can spend twenty minutes? Sitting in traffic. Waiting for your dinner to cook. Listening to a co-worker expand on an idea. Reading a bedtime story to your child. Attending a meeting. Folding laundry. Meditating.


    Everyday opportunities

    All of these situations can appear as a good way to splurge on 20 minutes or they can fall into the category of "have to"  time wasters. Why not take a moment and make a choice. You are in charge. You can turn every circumstance during your day into an "opportunity" to indulge in the moment.


    Stay present

    Stay present with your task at hand. Listen. Keep your attention focused on what you are doing. If your mind wanders off. Bring it back to what you are doing. Don't think about anything before or after, only what you are doing right in this moment. In this way, every situation can be done with a calm, focused, clear way of being.

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    Relax into your free time

    When we choose to spend our time in the present moment life doesn't change. We do.

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Published On: August 26, 2008