Hurricane Ike Turns life Inside Out

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  • My family survived hurricane Ike with minimal damage. We now have power restored. As of this morning, so many Houstonians (about 1.5 million) are still without electricity- and so my house has become "home" for my friend's kids, washing clothes and filling coolers with ice. The good news being progress is made every day and a beautiful 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature outside provides a welcomed relief from our usual September heat.

    Anxiety mode
    My community is now officially declared a disaster area. It would be easy to fall into the "anxiety mode" of feeling overwhelmed with life being turned inside out. Many feelings are surfacing- such as- "how can I best lend support to my community" or "hurricane guilt" as my home survived with minimal damage and many of my friend's houses did not.

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    Keeping calm and staying focused
    Staying calm and keeping focused with the task at hand keeping my awareness on the present moment. These tools are my pillars of strength. They allow me to avoid becoming overwhelmed with the current situation.

    Present Moment Beautiful Moment
    Here is a glimpse of how I stay focused in the present moment. Stay present with your task at hand. Listen. Keep your attention focused on what you are doing. If your mind wanders off bring it back to what you are doing. Don't think about anything before or after, only what you are doing right in this moment. In this way, every situation can be done with a calm, focused, clear way of being.

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Published On: September 20, 2008