Awareness is a Big Step to Change

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  • In writing share posts, addressing Health Central's readers concerns through specific posts and questions that come in - feels a good place to begin.

    This morning I read a post from Maria Lynne, and her post feels like a common situation for so many people dealing with anxiety.


    Maria Lynne's post about anxiety:
    This my first post, and I don't know exactly what to write here. Well last year I was diagnosed with anxiety, and the doctors put me on medication for it. Sure the medication helps me on some days, but other I just feel really, really low, and I have an attack, that I feel on a good day was completely uncalled for. I will blow up at any given moment, and that scares me. It is affecting my relationship, and I especially don't like that because I love this man, and it is hurting him because of these attacks. I really want help as to how to control them.

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    Awareness is the first and biggest step
    Awareness of any situation- that means noticing what you feel, like Maria described above - gives us the ability to recognize and deal with our reactions and feelings. Awareness about a situation is a HUGE piece in addressing the problem.  If we didn't have the ability to notice or express what we are feeling -emotions such as up and down, scared or anxious, we wouldn't have a place to begin.

    Life serves us challenges
    Everyone has challenges in their life. And just as in any challenge that life brings our way - we can use these times to practice our innate gift of being aware. In this way, we can maneuver through life a little easier.  This idea of awareness takes practice, but like anything, if you dedicate your energy to learning how to use awareness of your emotions to help you- it becomes easier. Life doesn't change - our reaction to it does.

    For more detailed information on how to use awareness as a tool in your day, see my post

    Awareness Can Change Your Life

    I would love to hear from you. Best wishes, Beth

Published On: September 25, 2008