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  • This morning I have decided to share a testimonial with you. I recieved this letter last week and I am passing it on with permission as I feel it helps to hear other's stories-mutual problems, share mutual solutions. Here is Mindy's story. It is about her chronic pain and how listening to a daily guided relaxation has changed her life. I record a 20 minute guided relaxation each week for you to enjoy. Check it out.

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    Dear Elizabeth-
    I write to you today to thank you and to let you know what a positive impact you have had on my life.
    I have been married for almost 10 years. 

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    I’m 30 years old and have 3 great healthy kids – ages 2,5&7.
    On November 12th 2005 my life changed forever.  It was the day my breech son was delivered by c-section. I walked into the hospital perfectly healthy & happy looking forward to meeting the newest addition to our growing family.  He was an 8 ½ pound beautiful boy.
    The following day, despite the pain meds – I was in an incredible amount of pain.  It felt like I had a gash in my abdomen that was 12 inches wide & 12 inches deep. Every time I moved it felt like sticks of dynamite were being blown off in my gut.  The doctors and nurses told me that it was normal to feel some pain following surgery and that I’d feel better soon.I didn’t.
    After 5 days I was sent home feeling like I was on an operating table with no anesthesia.  I was sent home with a newborn baby to care for and nurse, and greeted by my 2 & 4 year old children who had missed mommy so much.
    Friends and family offered support and meals as I recovered.  I waited and waited to feel better.  Weeks went by. I didn’t.
    I still felt the same as I did the day following my surgery.  My OB/GYN kept telling me to give it more time.  I called every few days and was examined several times over the next 2 months.  She said that everything looked fine.
    Skipping ahead to the present….
    I have now lived with chronic pain for almost 3 years.  It has affected every aspect of my life.  The pain and treatments have changed over time.  What started out as incredibly intense and centralized in my abdomen is now dull, but widespread.  I have experienced what felt like lightning bolts shooting down my legs.  All over muscle tenderness & weakness that lasts for weeks and resembled flu like aches.  There have also been times when areas of my body felt incredibly sunburned and wearing clothing hurt.
    Taking care of me, my children, my husband and my home was and still is a daily struggle.  Clutter & chaos engulfed our home.  I was embarrassed to have people over, and the more things spun out of control the more helpless I felt.  There was an overwhelming to do list and no routines in place.  Not to mention the lingering pain that no one could yet explain or understand.
    I was introduced to you.  I listed to your very first radio show live.  I have listened to you everyday since.  Your guided relaxations are a time I look forward to daily.


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    Yesterday I met with my neurologist.  We discussed all previous attempts at pain relief and how effective they were for me.  That’s when I told him about the guided relaxations and how much they help.
    I see a neurologist because the c-section caused a disruption in normal nerve function.  It was once explained to me this way:  A nervous system is like a series roadways. My disruption was like putting up a roadblock on a major state thruway.  All those cars still had to reach their destination so they started getting off at the wrong exits. This caused chaos on the surrounding neighborhood roads, which quickly affected the entire city and then the entire state.  That is why my centralized pain eventually spread through my entire body.
    My nervous system has gone haywire. Peace, calm and relaxation are now a necessity and priority in my life.  The more stress I’m under – the more pain I’m in.  I have found your guided relaxations to be the #1 stress reliever in my life, making it my greatest pain reducer.
    In just twenty minutes:
    -my pain level can go from a 6, to a 2
    -the lightning bolts shooting down my legs reduce to a tingle
    -warmth is restored to my hands and feet
    -my short shallow pain induced breaths become deeper and smoother
    -my clenched, tense jaw relaxes
    -I get a burst of energy better than any nap or cup of coffee
    Following a guided relaxation I feel like a renewed and restored mom who CAN make it through the day with a smile on my face.
    I can not thank you enough.  You are truly a blessing!
    With love from,
    Mindy M.
    Buffalo, New York

Published On: October 05, 2008