Times of Stress- Women Get the Prize

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  • A recent segment on national television spoke about how women are experiencing higher levels of anxiety and stress from our current financial crisis than men! I found this interesting and reflected on why this may be true.

    Sandwich generation
    Many of us, myself included, are in the age group known as the "sandwich generation." This means we have many factors sandwiching us together ⎯ sometimes making us feel more squished than a grilled quesadilla. We are worried about our ageing parents, packing lunches and helping with homework for our children, contributing to our family's income, and maybe even organizing the family budget. Today, 68% of families are from two-incomes, which contributes to why woman are feeling the repercussions of our current financial global anxiety perhaps more than men.

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    Grounded and calm
    I truly believe, if we stay grounded, calm, and focus our energy on the things that are important to us, we can manage our stress and lead others in our example.

    Tips to make this a reality

    • Use the present moment. Keep your attention focused with your task at hand.
    • Turn off the TV and radio. Take media breaks.
    • Look at your life from 30,000 feet. See it from the perspective of your lifetime.
    • Don't feel guilty about caring for yourself.
    • Keep your sense of humor. Add laughter into your everyday.
    • The quick fix is not your best choice. Reaching for the comfort of a glass of wine, cigarette, or a piece of chocolate cake is not the answer.
    • Have a "stress-free" plan. If you feel stress, have a plan of action ready, such as, take a walk or try out this breathing exercise below.

    As woman, our emotional well being sends out ripples to everyone around us. You know the age-old saying, "When Mama is Happy⎯ Everybody's Happy."

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Published On: October 09, 2008