My Story- Meditation is my Rock

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  • Last week, my little boy Sam turned thirteen.Thirteen years ago, our son was born and developed a rare skin disorder. Through this crisis in our life, a silver-lining emerged that explains why I do what I do today. Meditation in all its forms has been a cornerstone for me personally in finding true well being for myself and my family.

    My Story
    [The following is an excerpt from the introduction of my book Healthy Mother Healthy Child Creating Balance in Everyday Life]

    I reach past my reflection in the mirror of my medicine cabinet to what lies behind the door. On those glass shelves I find alchemy of herbs, medicinal products and conventional elixirs. I use a combination of these things in caring for my body, all the while remaining true to the most basic doctrine of medical law- first do no harm.

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    As a health care professional, as a mother, as a teacher, I feel that I serve as a translator, interpreting from one language, one health system to another. I speak and respect the language of complementary and conventional medicine. My educational background as a registered nurse is in conventional medicine while the past twelve years of my life have been dedicated to understanding the intuitive wisdom of the body.

    In 1995 I was living in the suburbs of London with my three small children and my husband whose career in finance had brought us to England. I was working as a nurse teaching classes in Lamaze (a technique of breathing awareness used in childbirth) and taking care of our three- year-old twin girls and our newborn little boy. We lived in a fourteenth-century cottage with a thatched roof and walls three feet thick. We had a tiered garden leading onto a forest behind the house where the trees created a canopy for the children, a fairy-like playground.

    Our first clue that something was wrong with Sam, my little boy, was his sudden outbreak of an angry rash that grew to cover his entire body.  I immediately scheduled an appointment with the head of a prestigious pediatric dermatology clinic in London. Sam's diagnosis, a rare skin disorder, was so severe that the doctor asked if a photo could be taken for his dermatology textbook. We began the standard protocol of cortisone ointment and heavy emulsion followed by wrapping his entire body in bandages. Over the next two years, Sam underwent morning and evening soaks in oatmeal baths and layers of bandages applied to the skin. He looked like a mummy. For me it was truly hard to believe there was a sliver lining to be found anywhere. I realize now that it took something this big and scary to give me the courage to step outside of everything I had been trained to do to help others. I had to find a new way to help my son.

    Over the next ten years, Sam and I learned about natural food, yoga, meditation, and a myriad of other ways for the body to heal itself. I learned to walk that grey line to accept both conventional medicine and complementary medicine as modalities to help. I learned how to let my body heal itself and perhaps more importantly, taught my son how to do the same in the process. By the time Sam was four years old his skin was healed.


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    As a mother, I had to leave no stone unturned.The wisdom that I have gained about the true nature of wellness is reflected both in the objects on the glass shelves of my medicine cabinet and in the face I see in the mirror.

    Meditation is my rock
    Out of all the tools I have learned to allow my body to heal, meditation has been foremost. In meditating daily for the past thirteen years, the biggest benefit is helping my mind become quiet and still. Our minds are full of constant thoughts, but they crave quiet, still space. Dedicating our time and effort to this practice is worth every minute.Meditation trains the mind and attention to be calm, clear and focused. Our reward for investing this time is the creation of an open, clear inner space that allows our true self, our true nature, to come forward.

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Published On: October 13, 2008