United We Stand

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  • Today, Nov 4, 2008, is the election climax for the President of the United States of America. Barack Obama vs. John McCain. What an enormous amount of time, money and energy that has gone into the past several years of campaigning. Tonight's final count of votes will put an end to the debates, television commercials and Saturday Night Live skits!

    Feeling Anxious?

    Are you feeling anxious over who will have the fate of our country placed in their hands? If so, YOU are not alone. No matter who wakes up tomorrow morning with the White House as their new address, let's face it⎯ they have a lot of challenges ahead of them.

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    I woke up thinking about the election this morning. I thought about who will win and who will lose. I also thought about how both of the candidates are dedicated, passionate and educated men. And, no matter which candidate gets elected, being open and optimistic for the winner is an essential link to provide the same vision of every American voting today, hopeful and excited for a brighter future.

    American history is a powerful reminder

    Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, successfully lead our country through its greatest internal crisis the American Civil War, only to be assassinated as the war was coming to an end. He is a well remembered and favorite President of the United States. Among his many remarkable achievements, one unprecedented decision he made for our country was to unite his cabinet. President Lincoln (Republican) in his second term chose Andrew Johnson (a Democrat) as his Vice President, and after his assassination Johnson became President. It must have taken a lot of humility for both men to put their differences of opinion to the side and join together as a united force.

    Contributing to change
    can relieve feelings of being overwhelmed

    Today, we Americans are equally aware as our ancestors, of the importance in joining together to support our leaders. That by placing trust in our congressional system of checks and balances, supporting causes we believe in, and focusing on the positive traits of our newly elected President, we become part of creating the change we all want to see for improving our country, and our everyday life. Contributing in any small way to our country, allows us to feel involved at some level, and it can help alleviate the feelings of apathy or being overwhelmed with our current situations.

    Powerful words
    Lincoln, of course is also remembered for his renowned speech, which was about redefining the purpose of the Union in fighting the Civil War,  in his famous Gettysburg Address. "Four score and seven years ago..." Lincoln referred to the events of the Civil War to ensure that ..."government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth".

Published On: November 04, 2008